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Federal State Budgetary Institution
«Federal Scientific Center of Rehabilitation of the Disabled
named after G.A. Albrecht» of the Ministry of Labour
and Social Protection of the Russian Federation

Participation in Tromse Telemedicine & eHealth Conferences (2007, 2008)

In 2007 Alexander Shoshmin, Natalia Martynova, Yanina Besstrashnova, and Victoria Moiseevapresented the Internet consultation system for health professionals in elder care at the Tromse Telemedicine & eHealth Conference.

Geographical location the most of Russian regions results in impossibility of high quality medical care for elderly people on the whole territory of the country. At the level of a regional consulting centre a health professional can examine patient’s data in the standard form. This standard form allows to consult a patient. Registration of requests, replies and specifying requests is realized for electronic documents circulation control. When it is impossible to give a conclusion at once the following functions can be used: sending specifying request to that health professional who needs to be , forwarding request to another health professional. Control of answers is realized in the Internet consultation system. At the federal level special software allows to receive requests for consultations. Specialists from dispatching service process them to health professional from one of the federal centers. Forming data base at the federal level allowed to organize discussions of complicated consultations cases, distributing methodical, analytical and other materials for health professionals. Decisions made could be turned into “typical” ones for the other regions and countries.

In 2008 Alexander Shoshmin, Natalia Martynova, and Yanina Besstrashnova presented the paper “Cooperative decision making in complicated cases of children medical-social expertise” at Tromse Telemedicine & eHealth Conference. The paper was devoted to the implementation of the distant expert Internet consultation system on medical-social expertise (MSE) and medical rehabilitation of children. The System was implemented in 3 Russian regions (Arkhangelsk, Tumen and Sverdlovsk regions) and in the MSE Federal Bureau (Moscow) as the federal level. Data collecting and analysis for complicated cases in MSE formed a mechanism that was necessary to manage rehabilitation effectively and improve children healthcare.

The papers were published in the conference books.


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