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Federal State Budgetary Institution
«Federal Scientific Center of Rehabilitation of the Disabled
named after G.A. Albrecht» of the Ministry of Labour
and Social Protection of the Russian Federation


For the rehabilitation of patients with defects or impairment of the musculoskeletal system and the limitation of self-service ability, functional-aesthetic clothing was first developed to provide the disabled with independence in all conditions.

The department staff develop package of normative and technical documentation, carry out expert evaluation, author supervision and monitoring in the process of manufacturing orthopedic footwear and shoe orthopedic products.


  • Development of scientific bases for rehabilitation of the disabled with violation of support and walking functions;
  • Development of theoretical aspects of designing orthopedic footwear including using automated design systems (CAD) with the subsequent generation of design documentation;
  • Approbation and introduction of the design of shoe orthopedic devices and functional aesthetic clothing for the disabled;
  • The department has created an assortment of means of orthopedic equipment for deformations, defects and diseases of the feet, which in recent years has been expanding with the help of modern innovative technologies. The complex spatial form of orthopedic footwear requires the development of scientifically grounded methods of its design.

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