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Federal State Budgetary Institution
«Federal Scientific Center of Rehabilitation of the Disabled
named after G.A. Albrecht» of the Ministry of Labour
and Social Protection of the Russian Federation


The department has developed new medical technologies for the medical rehabilitation of the disabled with the shank and hip stumps due to amputation for obliterating vascular diseases and diabetes mellitus, affected with defects of the lower limbs due to mine explosive and gunshot wounds; on material and technical support of adaptive physical culture and employment of disabled sports; medical rehabilitation of disabled women of reproductive age who underwent amputation of lower limbs. Scientific and practical results of the work are actively introduced in rehabilitation centers and prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises of the Russian Federation.


  • Development and perfection of structures of lower limb prostheses, methods, technologies and medical rehabilitation devices of patients with lower limbs
  • validation of quality criteria for prosthetic and orthopedic products
  • clinical trials of new structures of lower extremities prostheses, other technical rehabilitation devices for the restoration of lost mobility abilities
  • advisory and practical assistance to patients and prosthetic and orthopedic enterprises in the area of complex and atypical prosthetics and orthosis of the lower extremities
  • development and introduction of new technologies of complex and atypical prosthetics of the lower extremities
  • medical-training prosthetics of elderly patients
  • development of new prosthetics and germ-free technologies of primary therapeutic prosthetics of lower extremities

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